SOCIETY OF AERO inviting all the Educational Institutions to Collaborate for International Lectures organized by SOCIETY OF AERO/ WINGS OF AERO/ T.E.M.S Talks

The initiative is taken to promote the advancement in Technology, Engineering, Science and Mathematics for the Students. 

To encourage the participating institute, we introduced Best Coordinator Award and Best Coordinating Institution Award.

Rules and Regulations for Best Coordinator and Best Coordinating Institution Award:

1. Maximum number of registration for the International and National lectures organized by SOCIETY OF AERO under your organisation and coordinator. Future event details will be available at where participants have to register for the event.

2. One coordinator for one University/College/School. Only faculty can act as a co-ordinator and represent the institution.

3. Three positions [3rd,2nd,1st] will be issued for each event depending on the number of registration.

4. Winner of Best Coordinating Institute and Coordinator for the events/lecture will be announced at the end of each event/lecture.

5. Certificate of Award will be shared two – three days after completion of the event.

6. Only registered institute will be participate for awards. Unregistered institutes won’t be considered for awards.

7. Once registered, your institution name will be available in the event registration forms. To register your institute, submit the form below. After submitting the form you will receive “Institution Co-Ordination Certificate”.

8. All the final decisions will be made by SOCIETY OF AERO whenever required.

9. This Collaboration doesn’t need money. SOCIETY OF AERO will always focus on Education and Research service.

10. Any queries, mail us to (or) call us at +91 8870705857