Vin Olympia 2017

Vin Olympia 2017 [1st South Zone Air Sports Meet]

organized by

Society of Aeronautical Engineers

[Govt.Regd 73/2016]

in association with

Indian Space Research Organization

[Department of Space, Govt of India]


Date* : The registration is closed. Soon the final event date, time, venue will be informed to all registered schools. Stay Tuned.

Venue* : ISRO Propulsion Complex, Mahendragiri – Tirunelveli.

*Changes may occur in date and venue for security reasons or other programs.

Chief Guest : Shri S Pandian, Director – IPRC, Mahendragiri.

Free Registration

For more details contact Coordinator : Pon Maa Kishan A, +91 8870705857 /

Team Events

[Each school has to register as a team only, no individual events/participants]

1] Paper Plane – Click on the title to know the rules and regulations of the event. Contact: Jini Raj R, + 91 9952458480, [John Collin’s world best paper plane]

2] Glider Competition– Click on the title to know the rules and regulations of the event. Contact: Pon Maa Kishan A, +91 8870705857

3] Water Jet Rocketry– Click on the title to know the rules and regulations of the event. Contact: N Sathya Narayanan, +91 9789754628

Rules and Regulations

1] Schools which are located in Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Kanyakumari, Virudhunagar, Madurai districts can participate.

2] 6th to 12th standard students are requested to participate. Maximum of 4 students per school can participate.

3] No Registration Fee. Schools should not collect any fees from students regarding the registration to the event.

4] Participants must bring their own models. No materials will be provided for designing or preparing the model during the event.

5] If team fails to bring Air Pumps and launch pads, it will be provided by the organizing team for water jet rocketry.

6] A Teacher of respective school must take all the responsible in caring and guiding their students. [parents or others will not be allowed]

7] ID Proof of the Teacher[Govt ID and School ID] and students[School ID] must be shown at the entrance of the premises. 

8] Each school has to register as a team only[4 students only], no individual events.

9] Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, pen drives, cameras, etc., will not be allowed inside the premises.

Registration Closed

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